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Where did the cows go? What is Santa doing here at the middle of august? Can you solve the mystery?

Cowpocalypse  is a puzzle filled, Point & Click style adventure game.

You can discover the mysteries and solve the puzzles by interacting with objects and talking to characters. Episode 1 is about 1-2 hours long, and serves as an introduction to the world which will be further explained in the second (=last) episode which will probably be 3-4 hours long.


When Bran is woken up by a loud noise at the middle of the night, he has to discover that a reindeer is stuck inside his bedroom roof. It turns out that the animal is called Rudolf and belongs to Santa, who is also there at the backyard.

Besides the strange visitors, there is a more urgent problem that needs to be solved. Bran is responsible to look after the family's cows, while his parents are away for the weekend. The problem is that the cows dissapeared. 

Where did Santa and Rudolf came from? How did the cows escape? Are these strange things connected somehow? Could Bran find out what's going on and get the cows back in time?


Episode 2

The story is set after the cowpocalypse. How will Bran survive in this new world, full of monsters?

Coming soon...


For more info:

Email: creativecyle@gmail.com

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and click on "testgame.exe".


Cowpocalypse_final.rar 561 MB


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